Friday, April 2, 2010

Tobias Harris- Future face of Tennessee Basketball

Introduction to Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris, given the nickname “Nobody’s Smiling” by streetball mogul Bobbito Garcia, is the perfect name to describe this Tennessee commit. Tobias uses his versatility and smooth game play to make opponents just frown in their failed efforts. Considered the best scoring forward in this class, Tobias has been able to sprout up from being ranked in the mid 40’s last year to top 10 by every respected High School Rankings site.

“Still physically developing, Harris has an advanced skill level as a hybrid forward. He handles the ball at a high level and can score it with touch from the outside and also score inside with more of a power game. Best suited to guard a four man, Harris is a difficult match up for opposing four men with his versatile skill set”, is what Scout basketball rankings Jerry Meyer had to write about Tobias.

Basketball runs in the Harris family as his dad played at Duquesne and later became an NBA agent to Hall of Famer George Gervin, his sister played at Delaware and his younger brother Tyler is a junior on his Half Hollow Hills West team but intends to reclassify into the 2012 class and he is also receiving scholarships from high major colleges including UCONN, Hofstra, Fordham, and Duquesne.

The main reason for Tobias’ success is that he possesses probably the most needed tool in this game too, amazing work ethic which many phenoms lack. If you do not believe me look at this schedule for this rising star: on school days he spends eighth and ninth period in the gym shooting, then practices with his high school team, after that he goes to speed training at Parisi Speed School and to cap it off he finishes with a late night stop to the gym. This youngster never takes rests on breaks from school compiling this itinerary for his “break”. Weight training at 9 am, speed workout at 10, at 12 he works out with his trainer and then he has practice for school from 3-5. This persistence has allowed many scouts awe in amazement. The most impressive feature of his game has to be his Kobe like footwork which obviously has been worked on in some of these workouts. Some comparisons to a specific NBA player is Kevin Durant, with less of a wingspan. I say that because he could take less mobile forwards to the hole and if a smaller forward dare guard him he would just shoot over him similar to that mindset of Kevin. Tobias had a big season for his Half Hollows Hills West squad and recently participated in the McDonald's All American Game. Be ready to hear his name a lot next year as part of an elite eight team this year, the Tennessee Volunteers.

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