Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moses Morgan Interview- Ready to bring DePaul to the top.

1. So Moses, you are committed to play next year at DePaul. What factors went into that decision?

My decison to go to DePaul was because I wanted to go to a school that will let me excel as a player and take my game to another level and having so many opportunities after my years of college.

2. After DePaul finished 8-23 last year, did their losing affect your decision? Are you hoping to bring DePaul to the top?

It didn't effect my decision at all. It actually made my decision stronger because it gives me and my teammates the ability to put DePaul back on the map and making it a top school.

3. Playing at the LeBron James Skills Academy this past summer must have been a great experience. How did you play against the top talent?

I played real well against the guys. I showed people that I can compete with the best. I learned a lot of stuff that I can add to my game and just competing at such a high level was really fun as well.

4. Who do you think had the best showing at the LeBron James Skills Academy? In other words, who was MVP?

I can't say there was really an MVP because everybody was good and everybody was competing to win and show the college coaches what we can do.

5. Playing in the Big East DePaul faces tough teams night in and night out, do you believe DePaul belongs in that class or would you rather have them in a less difficult division?

DePaul is good right where they are because now they have some talent coming in and the guys that are there makes the team even better. We can compete in that conference, we had a lot of games where we were up 10 points and let the game slip away and next year we are going to be able to close those games.

6. People say that DePaul is a mid major in a high major conference. Would you like to see the NCAA Tournament expand so more " mid major" teams like DePaul get in?

To me DePaul is a High Major School that can compete with the best teams and we just need to close games out. I don't think they should expand with more mid major teams.

7. There is some talk that NBA Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas, is interested in taking over the DePaul head coaching position. Would that hiring change your decision? If so what colleges would be the favorites?

Whoever they bring in , I'm still going to go and spend my next years at DePaul.

8. Your father played at Indiana University under Bobby Knight. You didn't want to follow his path, why not?

Indiana was a great school and the coaching staff was great and students but I just felt more comfortable with going to DePaul and I wanted to start my own legacy.

9. What player in the NBA do you compare yourself to and why? Is the NBA a path you would like to take or would you rather pursue a different career?

I watch Carmelo Anthony and I think I have a similar game to him and I want to pursue a career in the NBA.

10. What is your strongest characteristic in you being a great player?

My strongest characteristic is that I play hard and play like every game is my last and just wanting to win.

11.What do you plan to accomplish as a team and individually next year and possibly the next four years with DePaul?

I want to go in there and be a big part of the team as a freshman and help win games. So that's my goal,to help win games and putting DePaul back to where it needs to be.

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