Monday, April 5, 2010

Sheldon McClellan- Texas Recruit

1. So you verbally committed to play at Texas, what factors went into that decision?

I just wanted to go to a college that has good academics and that has a great basketball organization and Texas has that. I also wanted to stay in Texas.

2. You accepted the invite to go to training camp for the Under 18 USA National Team, how big of an honor was that and what do you expect to do with them this summer?

It's a great honor to be chosen for the USA team and play with the top players. I expect to get better and have fun and just win games.

3. What basketball camps and events do you have planned for this summer?

I'm going to play for Houston Select for AAU and travel the whole summer. I don't know what camps I'm going to attend yet but I have a lot to go to.

4. Who do you think is the best player in the class of 2011?

I don't really know who the best player in our class because there are so many great players but no matter who I'm playing against I'm going to go at them no matter what they are ranked or how much people talk about them.

5. What do you feel you have to improve this summer to be cemented to the upper echelon of your class?

I just have to get stronger. I'm already a complete player.

6. What players in your class are you trying to bring with you to Texas?

I'm really not trying to get anybody to Texas because I think we are going to be good with the players we already have that have. It is their choice of where they want to go.

7. What player in the NBA do you compare yourself to and why? Is the NBA a path you would like to take or would you rather pursue a different career?

I compare myself to Penny Hardaway because he could do everything. Yes I am trying to make it to the nba.

8. Who is the best player you have ever played against? Why was this player so hard to guard or score against?

The best player I have ever played against was Kevin Durant because he can shoot dribble and post up. He has a long wingspan so it was hard for me to score.

9. What is your strongest characteristic in you being a great player?

I shoot and handle the ball very well and I am very quick. You never know what I am going to do offensively

10. If somehow Rick Barnes wasn't the coach anymore for Texas would you stick with your commitment to Texas or what other colleges would be the front runners?

I would most likely look into other colleges but hold my committment.

11. Finally, what do you hope to accomplish this year? What are your goals that you want to accomplish before you head to Texas?

I just want to win a state ring before I leave high school and this is my last year to do it.I also want to set records for different things next year which I will do and already have done.

Thank you for your time Sheldon and good luck with your future.

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