Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interview with Tony Mitchell- NBA Potential

1. Who is the best player you have ever played against? Why was this player so hard to guard or score against?
Vince Carter because he is very smart and knows the game inside and out. He is also a great teacher.

2. What schools are at the top of your recruiting list as of right now?( This interview was done before he committed to Missouri)
Missouri, Georgetown, Marquette, Baylor, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Texas, And FIU are my top schools.

3. Who do you think is the best player in the class of 2010 is and why?

I really don’t know because everybody is good but I will have to go out and say Harrison Barnes. He's versatile and can score the ball at any given moment.

4. When did you get your first recruitment letter and from whom?
Sophomore Year, I received a letter from Buzz Williams from Marquette.

5. What player in the NBA do you compare yourself to?
I think probably Shawn Marion or Tracy McGrady.

6. How do you workout during the school year?
You have to work hard. I work extremely hard on my weaknesses and even strong points.

7. Who is/was your favorite teammate?
I probably have to say the whole Brandon Bass Elite Team. Their very supportive and really just care about others more than them self.

8. What player do you emulate?
I just go out there and play the game hard to try to make a name for myself.

9. Who is your role model?
My mother, she is so amazing. She supports me in everything I do and she is so loving and caring.

10. What do you think you have to get better at in your game?
I have to work on every aspect of my game. Defense, Shooting, Dribbling, Ect.

11. When was the first time you dunked in a game?
The summer going into my 9th Grade year at the YMCA, it was a basic 1 hand tomahawk.

12. What is your strongest characteristic in you being a great player?
I would say probably my height, strength and versatility on the basketball court

13. Who were your favorite NBA player and team?
Tracy McGrady is my favorite player because he is a smooth player and the Cleveland Cavaliers because they are exciting to watch.

14. What do you like better AAU or school basketball? What AAU team did you play on?

I like AAU better because you get to travel and play against better competition and talent around the U.S. I played for the Brandon Bass Elite.

15. What do you plan to do after basketball? What do you plan to major in?
Business Administration, because I love Math and I always wanted to run my own Business or a Social Worker to help young people in their life and be a role model towards others.

16. How does it feel when people ask for your autograph?
It's just amazing I never know why but I feel great.

17. What's your proudest basketball moment?
This summer at Nike Global Challenge to be picked to play in that prestigious tournament was amazing.

18. What would you say to kids who want to play D-1 and beyond but can't get any exposure?
Keep working hard because YOU will get seen. Stay positive and dream for the best.

19. What's your favorite sport other than basketball?
Football, a sport that I use to love but I got over it because it wasn’t my first love.

20. What do you plan to accomplish as a team and individually this year?
Finish my senior year strong academically and physically on the court. Also, to visit Austin and win a State Title

Thank you for your time Tony and good luck with the rest of your career!

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